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Trish Stratus Measurements

Trish Stratus bust, waist, hips measurements?

Measurements: 36D-24-36

Trish Stratus is a wildly popular Canadian professional wrestler, actress and model who is perhaps best recognized as a member of the WWE organization. She has also been featured on television programs including: Armed & Famous, and The Second City's Next Comedy Legend.

Trish Stratus Popular Quotes
"But as much as I am personally proud for winning five championships, I'm equally proud just being part of a women's division that has gotten so much better with all these great athletes here."

"There really isn't a day when I wake up and don't have to be someplace."

"As far as luxury goes, about the only thing I do is... I go first class all the way. I live on the road, so when I'm out there, I'm getting the nice hotel suite, I'm getting the luxury car, I'm eating the good food, and I make sure I take care of myself on the road."

Traci Bingham Measurements

Traci Bingham bust, waist, hips measurements?

Measurements: 36D-25-36

Traci Bingham is a fabulously gorgeous American actress, television personality and model who is perhaps best recognized for starring on the wildly popular television program entitled: Baywatch. She has appearing in motion pictures including: Demon Knight, Hanging in Hedo, and Black Widow.

Traci Bingham Popular Quotes
"I'm learning as much martial arts as I possibly can. My show is packed with action. Enough to get a rise."

"I enjoy reality TV shows. Watching them, and appearing in them. There's a spontaniety involved in the unscripted shows that I like to be involved with."

"I can't live without my beauty products. I love to be in my bathroom with my candles lit, morning, noon and night. I like taking hot baths and hot showers, using my body scrubs and lotions."

Torrie Wilson Measurements

Torrie Wilson bust, waist, hips measurements?

Measurements: 36C-25-36

Torrie Wilson is a stunningly beautiful and exceptionally athletic American wrestler and model who is recognized as a member of the World Wrestling Entertainment, and World Championship Wrestling family. She has appearing in magazines including: Playboy and FHM.

Torrie Wilson Popular Quotes
"Time really has gone by fast. I don't know if your path is pre-written or what, but it's crazy how one thing just leads to another."

"If there was one thing I'd like to teach young women, it would be that you can eat and still be fit and lean."

"I was dating a guy that was a huge wrestling fan and I'm embarrassed to say it now but I used to make fun of him for watching it."

Toccara Jones Measurements

Toccara Jones bust, waist, hips measurements?

Measurements: 36F-28-38

Toccara Jones is a fabulously beautiful American model and occasional television personality who is perhaps best recognized for appearing on the television program entitled America's Next Top Model. She has also been featured in magazines including: Smooth, King, and Vibe.

Tilda Swinton Measurements

Tilda Swinton bust, waist, hips measurements?

Measurements: 36A-27-35

Tilda Swinton is a delightfully talented Scottish award-winning actress who has starred in an array of successful motion pictures including: Michael Clayton, The Beach, We Need to Talk About Kevin, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and Thumbsucker.

Tilda Swinton Popular Quotes
"I've been on the other side of the table many times, trying to get people to be sympathetic to projects, and I've been the victim of that kind of intense kindness masking extreme stupidity."

"I don't work the future. I don't want to know what's coming. I don't feel I need any guarantees."

"I'm basically interested in identity, and I still find fascinating the question, 'How do we identify ourselves, and how do we settle into other people's expectations for our identity?'"

Tia Carrere Measurements

Tia Carrere bust, waist, hips measurements?

Measurements: 36C-26-36

Tia Carrere is an extraordinarily gorgeous and equally talented American actress, singer and model who has starred in motion pictures including: Wayne's World (and its sequel), True Lies, Jury Duty, and You May Not Kiss the Bride. She is also recognized for her role as Sydney Fox on the TV program entitled Relic Hunter.

Tia Carrere Popular Quotes
"I had been gullible, naive, soft, pliable. That's why I got taken advantage of. To survive, you have to have a tough skin."

"As an actress, you're already disregarded for a lot of the parts by the people who are setting up those shows. You don't need your agent to be doing the same."

"People want me to do the strangest things. They want me to sign their arms or chests."

Thora Birch Measurements

Thora Birch bust, waist, hips measurements?

Measurements: 36C-25-34

Thora Birch is a spectacular American actress who is perhaps best recognized for starring in motion pictures including: American Beauty, All I Want for Christmas, Alaska, and Ghost World. On television she has appeared on shows including: Day by Day, and Parenthood.

Thora Birch Popular Quotes
"I admire Jodie Foster. Her head is screwed on really well. It's not loose at all."

"I don't get pleasure from watching my own work, but when other people are affected in a positive way by it, that, to me is the highest compliment. It's my job to move people, so when that happens I am supremely happy."

Tarja Turunen Measurements

Tarja Turunen bust, waist, hips measurements?

Measurements: 36B-24-33

Tarja Turunen is a magnificent Finnish singer-songwriter and musician who is perhaps best recognized for chart-topping studio albums including: My Winter Storm, and Henkäys Ikuisuudesta. Her most popular singles include: You Would Have Loved This, I Walk Alone, and I Feel Immortal.

Tarja Turunen Popular Quotes
"Enjoy all the beautiful things life gives to you, love above the rest, do not hate for false reasons. If there wouldn't be hate in this world, we wouldn't be fighting wars like we do all the time."

Tanushree Dutta Measurements

Tanushree Dutta bust, waist, hips measurements?

Measurements: 36C-26-35

Tanushree Dutta is a fabulously gorgeous and wonderfully talented Indian actress and model who is perhaps best recognized for starring films including: Rokkk, Apartment, Risk, and Ramaa: The Saviour.

Rosario Dawson Measurements

Rosario Dawson bust, waist, hips measurements?

Measurements: 36C-26-35

Rosario Dawson is a strikingly gorgeous and equally charismatic American actress who is recognized for starring in motion pictures including: Sin City, Grindhouse: Death Proof, Rent, Men in Black II, and Josie and the Pussycats.

Rosario Dawson Popular Quotes
"New York is a very spontaneous place. It's fun to do a New York movie that is trying to capture New York moments, couples and relationships and those types of things, you know it's transient. The people who do it right, try to be true to the moment and not try to make a New York movie. To make a New York movie is almost impossible because there is a million movies happening all the time..."

"People in Hollywood don't have that much sex, or at least I don't."

"I like romantic comedies and all that kind of stuff. But seeing a klutzy woman walk around and be insecure in front of a guy in order for him to be able to handle her sexuality? Like she's beautiful, but she doesn't know it, so it's cute? No. I want to see a woman walk in there and be like, 'What? I have breasts and you're staring at them. Hmm. Interesting.'"

Rita Wilson Measurements

Rita Wilson bust, waist, hips measurements?

Measurements: 36C-29-37

Rita Wilson is a charmingly talented American actress and singer who is perhaps best recognized for her role in films such as: Mixed Nuts, Invisible Child, and Runaway Bride. She is also recognized for being married to Hollywood mega-star Tom Hanks.

Rita Wilson Popular Quotes
"Spend a little time outdoors each day in gratitude for your life and all that is in it."

"Awareness is empowering."

"I'd always wanted to do a musical, but I always had a reason for putting it off. I'll wait until the kids are older. I'll wait until I do that movie. I'll wait until this and that. Then, when the offer to do this came along, I had to ask myself, 'What are you really waiting for?'"

Reba McEntire Measurements

Reba McEntire bust, waist, hips measurements?

Measurements: 36C-26-34

Reba McEntire is a wonderfully talented American award-winning singer-songwriter and actress who is perhaps best recognized for studio albums including: It's Your Call, Read My Mind, What If It's You, and Keep On Loving You. She is also well known for her role on television sitcoms such as: Reba, and Malibu Country.

Reba McEntire Popular Quotes
"To me, there's two types of songs, good and bad. And I just like to stick with the good ones."

"For me, singing sad songs often has a way of healing a situation. It gets the hurt out in the open into the light, out of the darkness."

"When onstage, I always try to take my audience through as many emotions as I possibly can. I want them to go from laughter to tears, be shocked and surprised and walk out the door with a renewed sense of themselves - and maybe a smile."

Raven Symone Measurements

Raven Symone bust, waist, hips measurements?

Measurements: 36D-27-36

Raven Symone is a fabulously gifted American actress and singer-songwriter who is perhaps best recognized for starring on television shows including: That's So Raven, Hangin' with Mr. Cooper, and The Cosby Show. Her filmography includes: Dr. Dolittle, The Cheetah Girls, and The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement. She is also known for studio albums such as: This Is My Time, Undeniable, and Here's to New Dreams.

Raven Symone Popular Quotes
"I think that I do have people that look up to me and watch me on television and see every step that I make. I think it's fabulous and I love it and that's what drives me!"

"Learning that life is more important than anything -- meaning you can have the hair color of the season, the purse of the season, or find out somebody else's business, but if you don't know how to take care of yourself as a person, as a young adult, none of that matters."

"I shop when I'm sad. I shop when I'm happy. It just makes me feel good."

Raquel Welch Measurements

Raquel Welch bust, waist, hips measurements?

Measurements: 36D-23-36 (1967)

Raquel Welch is a fabulously ageless American actress and author who is perhaps best recognized for starring in films including: Myra Breckinridge, Bedazzled, and her iconic role in the motion pictures entitled One Million Years B.C.

Raquel Welch Popular Quotes
"Here's a question for you women out there: Can every man you fancy fit into your life with its professional and private commitments? Or is he going to upset the apple cart and destroy the balance of things? Sound selfish? Maybe. But it's a reality. Is this romantic liaison going to prove to be a positive or destructive influence in your life? And most important of all, is he absolutely worth it?"

"My body is the shape I live in and it shapes the way I live."

"Keep in mind that most men like to pursue and win you. Don't rob him of the enjoyment of doing that. When it comes to dressing to go out, it's been my experience that guys prefer to think that the object of their affection is someone exclusive who isn't available to everyone in the room. You're clever enough to strike the right balance between hot and classy, aren't you? Turn up the heat, but don't invite the whole fire department."

Rachel Griffiths Measurements

Rachel Griffiths bust, waist, hips measurements?

Measurements: 36D-29-38

Rachel Griffiths is an extraordinarily captivating Australian award-winning actress who has starred in motion pictures including: Hilary and Jackie, My Son the Fanatic, Muriel's Wedding, and Me Myself I. On television she is recognized for her role on both the series Brothers and Sisters, and Six Feet Under.

Rachel Griffiths Popular Quotes
"There's nothing as exciting as a comeback - seeing someone with dreams, watching them fail, and then getting a second chance."

"A Golden Globe is a mood-altering substance, there's no doubt about that."

"I think a big part of our attraction to sport movies are the stories contained within the sports."

Rachel Hunter Measurements

Rachel Hunter bust, waist, hips measurements?

Measurements: 36C-24-35

Rachel Hunter is a stunningly beautiful New Zealand-born American model, television host and occasional actress who is perhaps best recognized for appearing on the cover of the Sports Illustrate swimsuit issue in 1994. On television she is recognized for her work on the program entitled Make Me A Supermodel.

Rachel Hunter Popular Quotes
"There's a side of me that dislikes feminism. I think we surrendered something and women were unable to reveal any kind of vulnerability."

"Sometimes I think I am still that 5-year-old girl playing with her dogs in the yard. That's how I see myself."

"I love men. They are intelligent and sensitive, but there's also that hard-edged arrogant side, which is just so attractive."

Patricia Heaton Measurements

Patricia Heaton bust, waist, hips measurements?

Measurements: 36C-28-35

Patricia Heaton is exceedingly joyful American actress, comedienne, and producer who is perhaps best recognized for starring on the television show entitled Everybody Loves Raymond. She has also starred on a handful of other programs including: The Middle, Back to You, and Room for Two.

Patricia Heaton Popular Quotes
"I was raised Catholic and I'm Presbyterian now, but I've always been a Christian, regardless of denomination. I believe that Jesus is the way."

"Men are very competent in their workplace - and this is going to sound sexist - women are better at running households and juggling lots of things, kids and scheduling and that kind of thing."

"I have to keep reminding myself: If you give your life to God, he doesn't promise you happiness and that everything will go well. But he does promise you peace. You can have peace and joy, even in bad circumstances."

Patricia Arquette Measurements

Patricia Arquette bust, waist, hips measurements?

Measurements: 36D-28-36

Patricia Arquette is a delightfully talented American actress and director who has starred on both television and in film. On the big screen she is recognized for her role in motion pictures including: Fast Food Nation, Nightwatch, Lost Highway, Ed Wood, and True Romance. On the small screen she is recognized for her role as Allison DuBois on the drama entitled Medium.

Patricia Arquette Popular Quotes
"I don't have a goal but I just want to work on movies that I really like."

"I'm comfortable in this business. Maybe because my dad was an actor, as well as my grandparents and great-grandparents. And I also know that it's a fickle business so I don't trust it. There's a lot I actually hate about it. But I do love acting and I do love the weird family that you create on set."

"I still don't really feel like I'm living somewhere, even when I'm in a hotel room, unless I have a pile of papers there--messages, notes I wrote to myself, or things sent to me, whatever. I don't like anything to be too pristine. It bothers me."

Padma Lakshmi Measurements

Padma Lakshmi bust, waist, hips measurements?

Measurements: 36C-23-35

Padma Lakshmi is an exceptionally gorgeous Indian American author, model and actress who is perhaps best recognized for hosting the television competition entitled Top Chef. Her cookbook bibliography includes titles such as: Easy Exotic, and Tangy, Tart, Hot and Sweet.

Padma Lakshmi Popular Quotes
"Some of my friends and people in the art world, including women, say they admire my body. I am proud of my body. Some compare it to the Chola bronzes. And they all wonder how I keep myself so fit."

"You hope that with age, what you pay for in gravity, you gain in gravitas. I’m sure my thighs looked better when I was 25, but I think my mind is better today."

"In southern Spain, they made me eat a bull's testicles. They were really garlicky, which I don't like. I prefer to take a bull by the horns, not by, um..."

Natasha Henstridge Measurements

Natasha Henstridge bust, waist, hips measurements?

Measurements: 36D-26-38

Natasha Henstridge is a sleek stunning Canadian actress and former model who is perhaps best recognized for her role in motion pictures including: Species, Maximum Risk, Ghosts of Mars, and The Whole Ten Yards. On television she has starred in the series: She Spies, Eli Stone, and The Secret Circle.

Natasha Henstridge Popular Quotes
"When I started off, I didn't only ride to fame on my looks though many people I know think otherwise."

"My main aim has always been to do good quality films with roles that have some substance. With Power and Beauty there were loads of things that I liked about the movie, which made me opt for it."

"I began as a model, but that did not really hold my interest for too long! I believe I stood out from the parade of models trying to make it in Hollywood, which helped launch my career beyond the one-night-stand horror movie."